There are a handful of options available to AWS users if and when they want to delete objects in an S3 bucket. For the task I had, I took it as an opportunity to write something in Python using the boto3 libraries, and albeit very basic, it did the job.

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Specifically created to use a VPC Endpoint

So recently I had to undertake the building of a new SFTP service to allow users access to several S3 buckets in an AWS account. In the past, we have used the AWS Transfer Family service to do this but left the default settings which created a publically available endpoint.

In a continuation of my existing build (Prometheus in Fargate), I have been playing around with remote storage options and for the purposes of this document, I am using AWS Timestream.

Prometheus out of the box will store up to 15 days of metrics, but these are lost should the…

Hopefully, after reading this article you should be able to setup Prometheus in a Docker container using Node Exporter, ECS exporter to scrape metrics.

In an attempt to do the above I made many mistakes and this is by no means a complete guide, only my experience in building a…

Simon Bulmer

Senior Site Reliability Engineer, Cyclist and occasional runner

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